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How to create your own virtashare faucet and earn tips!

Posted on April 3, 2019

Hello all just a quick blog post and example of how to use to create your own faucet and earn bitcoin 🙂

In this quick blog I am going to show you how to setup your own faucet 100% FREE of charge. In fact you will never have to even worry about funding your faucet because virtashare has that covered. Simply paste the shortcode in your blog, invite your freinds to visit your post and claim coins. You will then in turn earn 50% of every referral claim.

Just like in this post you can create any content at all, upload pictures for example and then drop the virtashare faucet short code anywere in your post to show the VS faucet.

Simply copy and paste the below shortcode to dispaly the VS Bitcoin Faucet in anywere in your blog posts. Then invite freinds to read your content, sign up and claim to earn more vs.

Copy code below >>>

Faucet Code

[wallets_faucet symbol="BTC" captcha="recaptcha"]

Referral Code

[wallets_faucet_referral preview="true"]

As you can see the above code will dispaly the VS bitcoin faucet in any blog post on virtashare anywhere! Go ahead please claim some coins while you are here.

Paying Some BTC every 15 min!

You can claim again in:

Referral Code

So as you can see it is really easy to make blog posts here on virtashare profitable, not to mention curators who create great content can also receive tips from members.

Have any questions? Please drop a comment and I will help you get started or answer any questions you may have.

Cheerz, VirtaShareAdmin

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